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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Painted chair

   Finished painting a chair that will be part of an auction supporting
Oregon Partnership.

  Oregon Partnership has a crisis line that 
responds to more than 35,000 calls a year, 
half of which are on the suicide Lifeline. 
  The Crisis line provides free, confidential intervention, support, referrals and immediate assistence by highly trained staff and volunteers.   

  A number of military veterans, soldiers and their families
 are turning to the crisis lines as well. 
  Oregon Partnership has also forged an
ongoing relationship with the National Guard's 
 training in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills.
  OP is trying to establish a dedicated line fror returning soldiers, veterans and their families.
 Additionally there is a youth line which is a peer-peer line for teens.
  Young people work with adults to answer calls on
 diverse topics including substance abuse, 
depression, self-harm, dating violence and other issues. 
There is also a crisis line for speakers of Spanish
 who are experiencing alcohol and drug problems. 

Oreogn Partnership-6443 SW Beaverton Hilldale Hwy
Suite 200,  Portland, Or 97221


  1. Hi,I am so happy of to find your blog and to verify your beautiful work... their paintings are wonderful and they make to smile.
    I invite you the also to visit mine my blog.

  2. Wonderful chair!
    Amazing cause and what a great way to show your support

  3. Very cool and fun chair. Also for a good cause. Wonderful work.