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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

  I returned from the Fiesta art show in San Antonio at the SW School of Art.  This is one of my very favorite art shows.  It is so compatible with my art style.  The booth I had was located in an old stone cathedral surrounded by stained glass windows, iron chandeliers, a pretty polished wood floor and tapestries.  The crowd is ebullient and celebratory.  Fiesta is San Antonio's version of Marti Gras and they really get into it.  The locals don their most colorful outfits-there's fun wacky hats,  intricate embroidery and displays of metals that they collect each year.   I gorged myself on authentic Mexican food and people watched for 2 days. 
  Below are a some photos.

                                      stained glass window in Cathedral near my booth

panels above my booth, dingle balls from my booth.

angel stained glass window in cathedral at show.

One of many colorful, fun tops to be seen.

Very Fiesta Texas kickers!

I guess I wasn't the only one taking photos.

Looks like imagery from my paintings.

  Chicken in La Villita section of San Antonio

Red pig with yellow wings.

Pink food booth in La Villita

looks like he's in the wrong neck of the woods

Lovely sculpture La Villita

Ceramic house number sign La Villita

Church bell, old German church in La Villita

Virgin of Guadelupe alter

Blue face painting in window

painted cart La Villita


  1. I thought this was a perfect posting for Cinco de Mayo

  2. I've always wanted to go there, and so enjoyed these post cards. Bet that food was amazing.

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