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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WonderQuest Benefit

Come to the Wonder Ballroom this Friday, May 21st for an art auction in support of Quest Center
for Integrative Health.  They are a much needed non profit health center with a wide range of services, commited to providing high quality care to everyone including those that are marginalized and under serviced.
  I have the painting above up for auction in good company with loads of other great art.  Here's the link to their site with pictures of the art:

  Thanks to everyone who visited me at the Alberta Street Art Hop this last Saturday.  The day was
perfect; breezy and sunny.  The people watching was so much fun.  I was across from the childrens art and face painting which is always a blast.  Lots of bunny ear people walking around.
  Here are some more crummy photos from my iphone of a few of my finds and aquisitions:

 Jane Aukshunas oil pastel.
  I love the motion and vibrants colors of her work.  It was such a pleasure to see she
was set up next to me.

Cut out picture that I scored for $5 from one of the kids at a local Ne Portland school.  Their art teacher had a booth and was selling their work for them.  Portland is so great.

Two more great finds from Hana (all I know) another student from the school art booth.  These are handmade boxes in the style of India.  This girl is very gifted.  I can't wait to hang these on my wall.

  And for a perfect finish to a lovely day, Bruce and I went to Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern on Killingsworth.  We had ice cold Pilsners-yum! and homemade vegetable soup with a delicious butter lettuce salad with house pickled beets and blue cheese.  

And here's my guy Mort, belly shaved recuperating from his close call with death.  We're so glad he's doing better.  

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